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Vote for Arghya

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Arghya Chakrabarty, a Year 11 student at Allerton Grange School, has made it to the final 10 shortlisted candidates, hoping to join the Leeds Youth Parliament.

Students in Leeds schools, aged 11-18 years, who go to school in Leeds, are now able to vote in the 2018 elections; voting closes on 15 February. The election manifestos are available to view online, and each young person can vote for up to two candidates. (Make sure you vote for Arghya first!)

Follow the link below:


As a long standing member of the school’s Student Council, Arghya has developed his political skills in order to advocate on behalf of his peers. This has involved oraganising fundraising initiatives for important charities, voted for by the student body, as well as supporting interviews for new members of staff and helping to shape the school’s reward system. Arghya’s experience as a member of the Student Council meant that he took part in last year’s Youth Summit, at Leeds Civic Hall, home of the Leeds Youth Parliament, which focused on the ‘Votes @ 16’ campaign.

Arghya’s manifesto centres around Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND); reducing the stigma that exists and calling for improvements in provision for young people in education. In addition, he believes that SEND is rarely talked; this has created lots of negativity, causing issues to go unchecked and unchallenged.

Arghya recognises the strides that Allerton Grange has taken to support our SEND students with the introduction of Pupil Passports and ‘The Hub’. The Passports share pupil centred learning techniques for teachers, and ‘The Hub’ provides a quiet space for students to go. These are just two examples of the many interventions in place to support our SEND students.

Arghya wants to highlight the topic and improve provision for SEND students across Leeds. He had this to say, “Statistics show that less than a quarter of students who have a special educational need have a plan in place to support their learning. More needs to be done to provide teaching assistants and quiet spaces, like The Hub, to support students with additional needs. Ultimately, more funding is needed from government to help achieve this, and I hope to shine the light on the issues facing young people in Leeds, and across the country.”

Arghya will join the other candidates at a special finalists’ evening on 20 February, where the final 4 elected members will be announced. On behalf of everyone at Allerton Grange, we wish Arghya all the best in the coming elections.

UKYP Voting Flyer

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