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In conjunction with the opening of the New Allerton Grange School building and by popular requests, we are putting together a collection of memorabilia from the Old Allerton Grange ' Good old days' which will feature all the memories of bygone eras. If you have any old class photos, old reports, photos of the old building internally or externally then please can we have a copy of them?

Scan or photocopy them and post them to the school for the attention of Miss Pam Riley or alternatively email to:

Click Yorkshire Evening Post clipping from 1982 - Pinta kids. Added 4th Jan 2012

Old School Magazines:- (Click to view)

Former students..........

**NEW** 23rd March 2014 - Former student Ken Holoway: " I was at Allerton Grange 1967 - 1974.
I am now a freelance Computer Analyst Programmer working in distribution and finance systems on mainframe computers.
I remember the old lower school, we even had a small fire and the fire brigade came.
I also remember the musicals produced by David Wood, and was in Calamity Jane, and was stage crew for My Fair Lady. 
I now live in the midlands"

17 Aug 2013 - Former student - Joan C Woodcock. AGS student 1959/60. View here If you would like to get in touch with Joan please contact me by email and I will forward your details onto her.

11 Sept 2012 - Former student James Douglas View here

21 July 2012 -Imran Mughal - Pedal power helps leeds man achieve his American dream. View here

21 July 2012 - Connor Quill - First class honours for touring dancer. View here

25th April 2012 YEP - Calls for Damien Hirst to be freeman of Leeds. Click to view

12th July 2011 -   Rugby star Pete Lucock, having left AGS two years ago, is now in the Leeds Carnegie first team squad for next season - see the link below

12th July 2011 -  Roger Willis, ex A Level student at Allerton Grange has just graduated from Cambridge with a 1st. He is now going to Vienna for a year to study International Relations. Whilst at Allerton Grange, Roger achieved straight A's in Art, English Literature, History and RS.

17th May 2011 - Courage of former Miss Leeds after crash Click to view

23rd April 2011 - Photos from 1986-88 sent in by Chris Barron.....situated on the left had side of this page under the heading 'Allerton Grange archives and former students. <<<<<< 

6th April 2011 - Brian Daniels: From shorthand to showbiz. Click to view

23rd March 2011 - Former student India Stephenson, who left Y13 last summer, has been accepted to study Biological Sciences at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford! Well done India!

23rd March 2011 - Former student Jasbeer Degun, who left year 13 last summer, is features in a BBC 2 documentary over the next few weeks and performs Buckingham Palace in the presence of HRH Prince Harry. Click here for details

15th March 2011 -  Former student Serenna Wagner, Soprano achieves a lifetime ambition to sing for the English National Opera in London's Coliseum in their production of 'The Damnation of Faust' Link to Serenna Wagner information.

16th Feb 2011 - Dr Shaun Lawler: Best minds join Leeds tumour battle click to read

29th Nov 2010 Former student Adam Hildreth 'a fortune found in Cyberspace'

21st Sept 2010 Former student Damien Hirst endorses new school status ......Former Allerton Grange student Damien Hirst has endorsed the new school status following the recent ‘Specialist Arts College’ award. HIRST the creator of World’s most expensive work of art, a bejewelled skull called ‘For The Love Of God’ which sold in 2007 for a staggering £50m said "The energy and excitement that Ann Green, Hilary McCormac and of course Dave Wood brought to the art department  encouraged my continued education and love of art. I'm sure the new status that the school has attained was built on their legacy. I look forward to hearing about more students from the school making their mark in the arts."

Click to view: 14/10/10 BBC Leeds: "Damien Hirst works back in Leeds." 

July 2006 - Former student Andrew Gowland 'My time at Allerton Grange was a golden age of theatre talent'. Click here to read the press article

Reminisce for Allerton Grange Middle School by Julie Day View

Class of here

Class of here

Class of 65.....May 1965 Photo from Graham Fussey. click here

Class of 63. Photo's from David Crowe (Pupil at Allerton Grange School 1959-1966)

See photo's In the gallery below :

Photo No.13: An aerial photograph of Allerton Grange School as it was in 1969

Photo No.14:  Form 2A from May 1961.  The teacher is Miss Harris.

Photo No.15: See the class photo from May 1963  The form master is Mr Harry Patterson, who later found fame as the author Jack Higgins (The Eagle Has Landed).

Photo No.16:  Form L61 from May 1965.  The teacher is Mr Howard Franklin.


Class of 1954 -1961. From Liz Lacey (nee Benfield 1954-1961) I was in the very first cohort of the ten-form entry when the school opened in 1954. I was in class  1A with Fred Wragg as teacher. Mr Len Bradbury (ex professional footballer)  was headteacher then and Dorothy Quarton Senior mistress. I can remember quite a few of my other teachers as well and many of my classmates from 1A.
I now live in Sussex - After leaving AGS I went to agricultural college and obtained a National Diploma in Dairying. Later I went into laboratory research work in the microbiological field. Then marriage and family. When my children were a bit older I went to Surrey University and did a four year BSc (Hons) in Nursing followed by a two year Masters  degree in Immunology. I then pursued a career in nursing until my retirement some years ago.
I remember the original school being built as I used to live in Moor Allerton Drive which was right by the school. When I was at primary school at Moor Allerton Hall (part of Talbot CP School) I used to walk over the field, where AGS was built, to get  school. There were always cows in the field and we had to be careful not to tread in the cow pats!
My father was Herbert Benfield and he was Headmaster of the now defunct Harehills Secondary Modern School. I was in the very first cohort of the ten-form entry when the school opened in 1954. I did a full seven years at the school finishing off as Vice Head girl, Hockey captain and Chairman of the Geographical Society. See full history here including a list of former classmates.
Photos provided by Liz are in the gallery below. Numbers 8-12

Class of 1960-67, John Bowman left the sixth form in 1967 and went onto Loughborough College of Education studying Cert Ed Creative Design. He taught in secondary schools until 1980 then attended Norwich School of Art & Design receiving Cert Art Foundation and BA(Hons) Fine Art Painting. From there he went onto Bell Language School, Post Graduate CTEFLA and Loughborough University BSc (Honoris Causa). He was a lecturer (various institutions) and university college webmaster, now retired, and continues to work as an artist, writer and poet.”

Photo 1 .School rugby team 1963 (third form). John Bowman standing far left (as you look at the photo), back row.

 Photo 2. John Bowman 6th Form (aged 17)

If anyone would like to get intouch with John, please contact me by email and I will pass the message onto him for you.

Class of '67' and the 60's, Elizabeth Shaw went to Allerton Grange School and left in 1969.  She is particularly interested in making contact with Lynne Bowman who she has not been able to contact yet.  Lynne had two brothers who we think both went to Allerton Grange but were a bit older than her. They were called Hugh and Stewart. See the newspaper cuttings below from the 1960's.......

School Photo 1           School photo 1960's      Photo 1960      class of '67

If you would like to contact Elizabeth, please contact me by email and I will forward your email onto her for you.

Class of 65......May 1965 form 4e6. Form Master Mr Norris. click here

Bob Mee from class of 65 wonders what all his class mates ended up doing. Please contact me by email if you are one of them and I will forward the email onto Bob for you.

  • See below, some of the old photos received so far.......

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